Thursday, August 22, 2013

2-beat foot work variations that end up on the same foot

All of the following foot work variations take 2 beats to complete. Your weight will be on the same foot when you finish the variation:

  • Double back-step -- one-two
  • Rock step -- one-two
  • Kick ball change -- ooone-and-two
  • Swivel-swivel -- one-two
  • Sweep ball change -- oooooone-and-two
  • Mule kick -- one-two
  • Backwards tap-ball change -- one-and-two
  • Shuffle ball change -- and-one-and-two
  • Double rock step -- and-one-and-two
  • Triple rock step -- da-da-da-da-da-da
  • Stretch-stretch (Frankie's variation) -- and-one-and-two
  • Rock kick-land -- one-twoooooo-and
  • Double stomp (while putting no weight on the stomping foot) -- one-two
  • Slow shuffle (each sound takes 1 beat), variation of double stomp -- one-two
  • Double shuffle -- and-ooone-and-twooo
  • Double shuffle-heel -- da-da-da-da-da-da
 The beats that have extra "o"s should steal time from the beats or and-beats that don't.

"Shuffle"  here refers to the tap shuffle step where you make 2 sounds in the rhythm of "and-oone", with one foot and no weight change.

A "Shuffle-heel" is doing a shuffle on the foot that does not bear weight, and then do a heel drop on the foot that bears weight. It has the same rhythm (but different sounds and connection) as triple rock step.

All these variations are suitable for partnered dancing, especially at the beginning of a swing out as a substitute for rock step or double back-step.

The tap step of cramp roll is also a 2-beat foot variation that will not cause a weight change. It can be used at the end of a swing out, but probably not as a substitute for rock step.

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